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Benefits of E Cigs

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The benefits of e cigs are numerous. Here’s a quick rundown of the five best reasons to make the switch to electronic smoking devices.

1. E cigs don’t contain any of the carcinogens, tar, tobacco or other four thousand chemicals found in traditional forms of smoking
2. They don’t emit any harmful second hand smoke that can stain clothes, furnishings and endanger the people around you
3. The e liquids that fuel the vapour in e cigs are substantially cheaper than regular traditional tobacco cigarettes. A single twenty milliliter bottle is roughly the equivalent to twenty-five packs of cigarettes and - costs less than twenty dollars
4. The reusable nature of electronic smoking devices makes them better for the environment. Traditional tobacco cigarette butts are not biodegradable – 4.2 billion traditional tobacco cigarette butts are littered per year.
5. E cigs won’t stain your fingers, teeth, skin or hair like traditional cigarettes

To learn more about these innovative new devices, head to the most reputable Canadian retailer of fine electronic smoking devices today. Speak to their knowledgeable staff to find out how making the switch to e cigs can benefit you!
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Exploring the benefits of e cigs is a great way to learn more about this exciting and innovative device which has been compared to the innovation discovered to end smallpox. There are several interesting facts that make electronic smoking devices a great alternative for smokers. Here are just a few of the many great attributes of these fantastic innovative devices.


Traditional tobacco cigarettes burn tobacco to create smoke. This combustion creates a substance known as tar, which contains upwards of four thousand chemicals. Of these, around seventy are known carcinogens. One of the biggest benefits of e cigs is that the vast majority of those chemicals are not found in the water based vapour emitted through their use. Those that have been found are in such small amounts that they can’t accurately be measured.


More and more places are putting bans on smoking every day because of the nuisance second hand smoke creates to those around a smoker. Another of the fantastic benefits of e cigs is that they can be used without bothering a single person with the lingering smoke and smell associated with traditional forms of smoking.
To learn more about these unique and beneficial smoking alternatives, contact the most reputable Canadian supplier of fine electronic smoking devices today. The great staff will be happy to guide you in your choice of e cig starter kit. 
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